Dixon Gas Club v. Safeway


04/02/13 – 04/18/13


In this energy antitrust and trade litigation proceeding, plaintiff ‘Dixon Gas Club’ alleged Safeway Inc. of hurting the business of Dixon Gas station by offering gas cheaper to member of its Club Card Program. The plaintiff ‘Dixon Gas Club’ is a group made of the Schroeder Road Dixon Gas & Shop and 14 other stations. Plaintiff counsels claimed that Safeway Inc. was offering 3 cent discounts on gas to its club card holder.

The plaintiff was represented by attorneys Ali Kamarei and James Dombroski. The defendant in this case, Safeway Inc. was represented by attorneys Thomas Loran and Andrew Lanphere.


The court found in favor of the defense.


Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full except noted sections that were not recorded.

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