Al Jazeera America v. AT & T Services


Oral Argument
04/23/14 – 04/23/14

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This is an appeal from an October 14, 2013 Letter Opinion of the Court of Chancery, which denied, with "minor exceptions" motions by Al Jazeera America, LLC and AT&T Services, Inc. to continue the confidential treatment of a Verified Complaint which had been filed as a Confidential Filing. Until August 2013, Al Jazeera and AT&T were parties to an agreement under which AT&T was to distribute the Al Jazeera America network once it launched. In July 2013, AT&T alleged that Al Jazeera was in material breach of the Affiliation Agreement. AT&T terminated the Affiliation Agreement and never carried the Al Jazeera America service. On August 20, 2013, Al Jazeera sued AT&T in the Court of Chancery for a declaration that it was not in breach of the Affiliation Agreement. The Affiliation agreement was made an exhibit to Al Jazeera's Verified Complaint, which was filed under seal, pursuant to Rule 5.1 of the Delaware court of Chancery Rules.


The interlocutory appeal was dismissed.


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